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Logman Energy

Seasoned Hardwood Logs from Kent Sustainable Forest

Logs for wood burners
Seasoned hardwood logs for wood burners in Kent

Wood-fired pizza ovens

Seasoned hardwood logs cut to order for Pizza Ovens

Smokeless Solid Fuel

Smokeless solid fuel, sold in conjunction with logs only

Logman Energy are suppliers of…

Logman Energy are suppliers of seasoned hardwood logs for woodburners, wood burning stoves and pizza ovens, delivered in Kent.

Our seasoned, cut to length, dry logs are ideal for woodburners, woodburning stoves and pizza ovens and are sourced from our sustainable woodland, ensuring a rolling stock level of more than 10 years.

Our quality seasoned hardwood is suitable for use in wood-fired bakeries and we welcome all enquiries form Bakers and Restauranteurs.

Additionally, Smokeless Solid Fuel now available but only sold with logs and not on its own.

Our Seasoned Hardwood Logs

Seasoned hardwood logs in bulk – single loads from £110 including local delivery

All logs seasoned for a minimum of 2 years

Average moisture content of less than 25%

All wood from managed, sustainable Kentish woodlands

Current wood stocks sufficient for 10+ years

Smokelsss solid fuel available but only supplied with logs order

Established 20+ years – friendly and reliable

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